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Robots for hire at any time and with any budget. 

ZERO upfront CapEx

Fast deployment and instant return on investment when you automate with RaaS.

Production on-demand

No more forecasting concerns. Flexible, reconfigurable production power that works with your schedule.

All-in-one service

Work exclusively with Perceptive Robots throughout the entire design, deployment, and support cycle. Service and maintenance included.

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Book robots according to production schedule.

We deliver reliable, flexible, and high-performance robotic manipulation, vision, and mobility to your factory and warehouse.

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Our worldwide partnership network offers global support for

state-of-the-art technology and solutions.

Kuka is among the four largest industrial robot providers, serving many customers including Tesla, Mercedes, and BMW.

Schunk offers 4,000 standard components and has implemented over12,000 gripping systems across numerous industries.

Universal Robots
is the market leader of collaborative robots. As of 2019, they have sold over 31,000 cobots globally.

Solomon builds 3D vision cameras and software. The Solomon system has been deployed in airports and auto factories

Water Rock Technology builds highly robust distributed AGV systems for customers like the China Customs and German car makers.

Vicarious AI builds neuroscience inspired robotic vision and control algorithms suitable for complex tasks such as assembly. 

Serving American industries with 

quality, timeliness, and flexibility.



Consumer Electronics

Part Manufacturing

Medical Devices

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