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Robots-as-a-Service: robotic automation made possible for anyone, at any time, and with any budget.

Our service creates a brand new customer experience
for robotic automation.

Traditional Service

Large initial and ongoing CapEx investment. High financial pressure. Extended lead times.

Only cost effective for very large, predictable production cycles.

Complex supply network. Customers need to coordinate with multiple integrators and component suppliers for maintenance and support.

Often involves unforeseen or additional installation, maintenance, and support costs.

Inflexible and hard to retool; appropriate only for highly structured processes with little to no variability or uncertainty. 

ZERO upfront CapEx. Fast deployment and instant return on investment.

Adaptable to variable and seasonal production schedules.

Highly simplified supply chain. Customers only work with Perceptive Robots throughout the entire process.

Greater predictability and cost certainty with a fixed rate. Perceptive owns the installation, maintenance, and support costs.

Focused on new technology -- flexible, modular, reconfigurable, and reusable work cells.



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